The Buckland Club Awards 2013


These awards are presented to people who make The Buckland Club possible - either through exceptional work, or by keeping us going through the three days (or both). The 2013 awards were awarded to:

Main Awards

Award giver of previous year : Sam Bennett

Newbie of the year - Kate Acheson

Cyclist of the year - Aoife Glass

Ed Baker look a like of the year - Richard Edmonds

Richard Edmunds look a like of the year - Ed Baker

Sober and orderly conduct - Robyn Taylor

Ornithologist of the year - Tom Loughlin

21st century award for innovation - John Cummings

I claim my wife got me into this but I love it really award - Chris Quick

Cyclist of the Year - Sally Collins

Lifetime achievement - Jackie Skipper and Jeremy Young

Legend of the year - Kimberly Clarke

Ad-hoc Awards

Best Welsh accent in a Welsh accent competition (how convenient) - Sam Bennett

Second place in a Welsh accent competition (from a field of two candidates) - Jam Fletcher

One way ticket to Birmingham award - Ellen Austin

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