Dinner in an Iguanodon

You know that moment, when you suddenly realise what you’ve gotten yourself into? When you’re surrounded by brilliant enthusiastic people, all as passionate as yourself, ideas come flying out… jokes cracked… crazy suggestions made, you laughingly say ‘it might be possible’?

That was the Fossil Festival 2011, and as in the years before, fun and enthusiastic people surrounded me. It was the first Festival for the Buckland Club and me and some of the founder members were talking about the first days of palaeontology, when the famous scientists made their names. The conversation turned to the unusual and eccentric, “have you heard about when they had dinner in a dinosaur”, “oh yes, the crystal palace models” I say “I’ve seen the picture and everything”. “We should do that” jokes someone, “oh yes, that would be fantastic fun” says someone else, “we should defiantly do that, but how would we do it”.

Without thinking, I start to talk and suggest “oh, it might be possible, it would just be a lot of work”.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago; the thought of the new exciting fossil festival 2012, and what to make for the big innovation this year… you’ve got it… im building a dinosaur! A bit of chicken wire wrapped in PVA glue and newspaper, I think… oh this will be easy. I buy the ingredients, roll up my sleeves, look at my reference pictures… I think… Then it hits me… oh great! I’m making a LIFE SIZE replica of a dinosaur!

The wire brings the first challenge; it dosent want to stay flat, the bending begins!

Progress on this epic project has been good and I am happy with the results, its early days, and its only the head section, but it has gone swimmingly so far!

So far!

Mon, 2012-02-27 10:54 -- Jam

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