Cycling from London to Lyme

Sam Gare and Aoife Glass


A cycle ride of over 160 miles starting at London's Natural History Museum, and finishing at the Lyme Regis Earth Festival 2012. Along the way, the riders will tweet updates and images  of locations of particular geological interest, or locations that link with the history of Lyme. The riders will depart the Museum on the morning of Wednesday 2nd May, and arrive in Lyme on Friday 3rd May.


Aoife GlassAoife Glass, a science communicator with a background in Geology and former member of the Nature Live team at the Natural History Museum. Aoife has attended nearly every fossil festival since they began, and loves getting involved in the huge range of activities and events on offer.

Sam GareSam Gare, a Shows Exhibitor Service Coordinator at the Royal Horticultural Society and former Information Assistant at The Natural History Museum, is a keen outdoor enthusiast. As well as cycling she enjoys snowboarding to surfing and has recently discovered the joys of the fossil festivals. 



Both Sam and Aoife have been visitors to Lyme Regis for many years, and love attending the festival. The London to Lyme adventure was born of the desire to do something a little different and challenging for themselves, and to give something back to Lyme as a thank you for the good times they have spent there. Both are avid cyclists, but have never attempted to cycle a distance like this before, so they will be doing a lot of training in the run up to make sure they can cope with three days in the saddle.


Before the trip;

Aoife and Sam will be embarking on a training program to get themselves physically ready for covering this distance. Endurance will be needed to keep going for 6 or 7 hours a day in the saddle. Core and leg strength training will help getting up those hills (particular the ones in the run into Lyme - phew!) They will blog and tweet about their preparations, route planning and also ask for suggestions to add to their list of geological hotspots to photo on their way down.


On the way;

Day 1 and Sam and Aoife will be leaving the Natural History Museum with a departure photo on Wednesday morning. They will cycle through West London and out towards Basingstoke, stopping their for the first night.


Day 2 will see them cycle across the scenic Salisbury Plain, stopping at Blandford Forum for the second night.


Day 3 and the final leg of the journey! An early start will get them on the road and past the picturesque Dorchester, then dropping down to the coast to follow the road to Bridport. They will stop off at Golden Cap to grab a snap of Lyme Regis across the bay, then onwards to Seaton, Charmouth and the final descent into Lyme Regis, followed by a very welcome cup of tea.


Social Media and online presence;

Both Aoife and Sam will raise awareness and keep followers up to date using their social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

In the run up, they will post biogs, training and planning updates online and will work to raise sponsorship.

Along the way, they will tweet photos, updates and snippets of geological info about their route, using a (yet to be determined) hashtag to allow people to follow their tweets easily.




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