The Buckland Club Awards 2012

These awards are presented to people who make The Buckland Club possible - either through exceptional work, or by keeping us going through the three days (or both). The 2012 awards were awarded to:

Legend of the Year: Marcus Dixon (for continued support and helping us acheive some fanatastically ambitious projects in the last six months)

Organisation: Jeremy Young, Jackie Skipper & Ed Baker

Lifetime Achievement: Paddy Howe (for making numerous important finds, teaching all of us about the local fossils, welcoming us into his home and workshop and generally being one of the nicest people around)

Commuter Award: Aodhan Butler (he came from Sweden to help us out)

Educator of the Year (renamed to 'Hat of the Year and knowin' what's occurrin' award'): Jam (in addition for making and remaking the ichthyosaur excavation)

NHM Leaver of the Year: Louanne

Newcomer of the Year: Lyndsey (for being new and making a huge contributrion)

Kitchen Science: Theresa Brown (for cooking the Chinese meal on Monday night)

Fri, 2012-05-11 11:00 -- Ed
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